Are you a person with disability seeking an opportunity to explore  entrepreneurship?  We would like to offer you an invitation to join our 12 step Entrepreneurship Program.

Entrepreneurship offers pathways
to Self Employment

Through our custom tailored plan, individually designed to meet your needs, we work alongside your entrepreneurial goals to build a business.
Together, our mentors empower you through a series of competence building programs, so that as you progress through the course your confidence grows.

12 Step Process

Work through the course at your own pace, though be mindful, we do require certain level of commitment.

Online Access

We meet virtually and limit our meetings to 3 hours of meaningful presentations.

Self Motivated

We envisage our entrepreneurs are self-motivated, and you are encouraged to bring your mojo.

Candles to Foodies

We work alongside Candles to Foodies, from Animators to Writers - bring your wildest ideas!

Personal Growth

We embrace positive mindset and personal development as a way to breakthrough resistance.

A safe space to create your entrepreneur dreams
with an experienced mentor.

ABS research shows that people with disability have higher than average propensity for success in entrepreneurship.  Join our program today!

Our Mentors have Dual Experience in Business and the Disability Field

Building rapport and establishing trust with you is crucially important.  That’s why we value dual experienced mentors who not only have past success in business – but also have a track record working in the disability support space.
Our rapid results depend enormously on our ability to cut through the initial awkwardness phase and build a working relationship built on authenticity and empathy.  Entrepreneurship itself involves some quite revealing personal development stages and both you and your mentor will be putting yourself out there at some point.  

Digital Masters

We'll equip you with the tools to be a digital independent business online.

Entrepreneurship Pathways


45 hours 1:1 Business Coaching

Welcome to the 12 Step Entrepreneurship Pathways Course: an immersive adult learning opportunity where you are supported 1:1 to reach your business potential.
We’ll work alongside you, at your pace, sensitive to your needs, with an over-arching goal of developing your business in real life.
Our service model ensures your NDIS requirements are foremost, whilst we also have dual experience of success in the business world.  This unique combination of skills means our Support Consultants offer a unique service Australia wide.
You are welcome to enquire today.

Lifetime Membership
Access to Business Mentor Coaching