About Us

I started working alongside people with a disability at a worm farm in 1997.  We would shovel cow manure and offer it to the tiger worms, and the worms would turn it into vermicast.  I guess for me Entreprenuership and Disability were entwined from day one.

Entrepreneurship as a Co-Working Model

Make no mistake, vermicast was a very lucrative product (see above) and we sustained a business that paid generous dividends.

In the meantime, I went to university and later on started my first business, and then bought my first business, and then sold my first business, and so on and so forth…

And that’s what led me to where I am today, leading a team of business mentors in entrepreneurship.  Look, I’m not pretending to be Richard Branson or someone from a TV show.  But what I can offer is a proven track record of establishing businesses with million dollar sales. 

That’s the energy and enthusiasm I hope to pass onto you – a sense of anything is possible, a genuine sense of self belief and an appreciation that success is along the pathway of commitment, consistent effort and learning from mistakes.

Your Entrepreneurship Team

Right now I’m available on strictly limited hours.  I can be working for you if you are ready.
Please reach out to confirm your potential availability.

Brendan Murphy Entrepreneurship Mentor

Brendan Murphy

Entrepreneurship Support Consultant

your greatest impact.

Creating your own self employment business through your NDIS plan could be one of the most empowering things you do.