online mentoring for ndis participants ready for entrepreneurship


Innovate your ndis experience

Ready to launch your small business enterprise? 
With the benefit of our experienced business mentors, we can help you kickstart your entrepreneurial dream with in our unique 12 step course.  

meet Brendan

15+ YRS success in business
combined with 15+ YRS in the Disability field

Brendan Murphy Entrepreneurship Mentor

Brendan Murphy

Entrepreneurship Mentor
and Support consultant

Person Centered

Our unstructured model immerses you in real life business from day one.  Whether you are a school leaver or mature age – we have universal entry points to suit all styles of learner.

Unique 12 Step Course
3 hour online workshops
Work at your own pace

Full immersion

We are online!

We help you launch your business as soon as practical, so you can learn as you go.  
And we coach you step by step with digital skills you use to build your own marketing tool kit.

Entrepreneurship leads to self employment

Nurturing entrepreneurship empowers individual confidence and self determination. You can access our NDIS Support Consultancy from as little as


About NDis entrepreneur

NDIS Entrepreneur is an independent initiative based on ABS research showing that entrepreneurship is higher amongst people living with a disability.

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