Entrepreneurship Pathways

The 12 Step Course For Entrepreneurship is delivered at your pace through 45 hours of 1 to 1 person centered support.  Graduates of the Entrepreneurship Pathways Course are entitled to ongoing mentorship tutorials at a members discount rate.

Entrepreneurship Pathways

We encourage all first time Entrepreneurs to complete the 12 Step Pathways Course.  As you move through the workshops in the 12 Step Course, you complete the theory alongside the real life, so you do your business plan as you launch and you are immersed in real life business from day one.


12 Step Entrepreneurship Pathways

Our foundation offering, the 12 Step Entrepreneurship Pathways Course is what we have built our reputation upon. Sit side by side with a reputable business mentor and learn as you build your entrepreneurial vision together. Ask questions, get immediate answers, you have your own business coach!

Pathways Graduate Mentorship Tutorials

As a Pathways Graduate, you're entitled to the ongoing members rate for your continuing mentorship.
We encourage graduates to keep regular contact throughout their first months and years after completion of the program to ensure a successful transition into self employment.
Build and retain your initial concept or perhaps branch out into a new direction. The opportunities are endless. We are always here for you.


Casual Entrepreneurship Mentor Consultancy

Not sure if Entrepreneurship Pathways is for you? You're welcome to dip your toe and sample what's on offer with an exploratory session to see just how far you might be able to go.

Make time for yourself.

Finding yourself outside of the traditional work/life model might be the greatest gift you could ever offer yourself.

Independent Entrepreneurship
is the future

The skills and the mindset you will discover during your time with the 12 Step Entrepreneur Pathways may just well change you life.  Becoming empowered and unshackled from dependence is ultimately one of the most liberating things you can achieve.  You owe it to yourself the opportunity to have this freedom.